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High-end Audio Sales

Exclusive brands and curated used inventory.


Align your listening goals to the high-end audio world.

Turntable Setup

Cartridge installation and turntable setup.


Authorized dealer. Gladly demonstrated by appointment.

The leader is high value, high quality, flat panel audiophile speakers for stereo and multi-channel use.
Rogue Audio
Every Rogue Audio product is hand built at their factory in Brodheadsville, Pennsylvania.
Lyra Analog
Engineers of the finest reference phono cartridges available in the category.
Highly regarded as a manufacture of high performance moving coil cartridges and tornearm based on advanced theory.
Moving coil cartridges by HANA, bestow the most “brilliant and gorgeous” analog sound for audiophiles and music lovers regardless of their budget.
Shunyata Research
Washington State based company that designs and manufacturers the world's most advanced electrical and signal system products.
Harmonic Technology
High performance cables to connect audio and video components within the home and for professional use.
Cables and other audio products combine solid conductors, high-purity metals, specialized geometries, and stable dielectrics to enable naturally beautiful sounds and images.

Meet Brad Orrison

40+ years experience selling, setup and consultation of high-end audio. 15 years @ Progressive Audio.


Brad Orrison

Proprietor & High-end Audio Enthusiast



Used Inventory

Curated used equipment for discerning listeners. Please contact Brad Orrison Audio to learn more.


Nakamichi LX-5 Cassette Deck

3 Head Nak deck in superb condition. Unit has hardly been used. Newly serviced with new belt kit, idler tire, cleaning & lubrication, head alignment and calibration. Very nice physical condition that reflects it's lack of use.

Salamander Synergy A/V Stand

Good performance and value Audio/ Video stand in all black. 8 fully adjustable shelves.19 in. between the posts for gear. 41.25 in. high x 44.25 wide x 17.5 deep. It's possible to add sides and wood or glass doors to this stand, as it is a current Salamander product.

VPI Traveler

VPI Traveler turntable with Dynavector 10X2 cartridge, Gingko dustcover, Audioquest Chicago phono cable. All in near mint condition.

VPI Scout Jr. Turntable

I always liked this turntable, it was very good for it's retail of $1500. Separate motor. Nothing comes with it for $800 but I have available: Dynavector 10X5 lightly used - $375 VPI phono cables used - $150 ($300 retail) Audioquest Chicago - $90 new ($130 retail) Any new Hana or Dynavector cartridge.

Martin Logan Aerius

Electrostatic speakers in decent cosmetic condition. A few nicks and scrapes but they present well. Perfect condition sonically after washing the panels. No boxes.

Martin Logan Aerius I Electrostatic Speakers

Decent condition cosmetically with a few nicks and scuffs, they present well. Perfect condition sonically after washing the panels. These have excellent clarity and detail and sound like new. No boxes.

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